To Spitzkoppe here we go and Windhoek we return.

So we’re finally reaching the last stage of our trip; off to Spitzkoppe before returning to the capital.

The end of our journey finishes with a night of wild camping under the shadow of the monolithic peaks of Spitzkoppe. These vast granite mountains are the result of erosion that has worn out the remnants of volcanoes formed over 500 million years ago. Needless to say that the first glimpse of them was breathtaking.

Once we’d set up camp we ate lunch before being taken on a tour of the ancient cave paintings of the Xan bushmen by our guide Eddy.

He taught us about the flora used for medicine and the toxic bush used to make poison arrows when hunting.

After the tour we scrambled up to the top of one of the granite peaks to watch the sun go down which was an amazing way to finish the day. The sunset photos are the students in year groups.

This morning we woke early to watch the sunrise and get some last minute photos taken. Letting the students sit quietly to listen to the silence of the African morning was a very special moment.

After that it was back to break camp and leave for Windhoek. We’re nearly there and looking forward to a shower, a meal and a proper bed. Then it’s off to the airport tomorrow to make out way home.

One thought on “To Spitzkoppe here we go and Windhoek we return.

  1. Looks awesome and a fab time had by all. Can’t quite believe your time is nearly done. Safe journey back- look forward to seeing you soon . X


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