The last night at Joe’s Beerhouse

So we finally made it. After just under 2 weeks we have returned to where we left from but hopefully slightly different to when we did.

On our night under the stars in Spitzkoppe, we reflected on what our favourite bits of the trip were. The general feeling was one of gratitude and the hope that they take things less for granted when they get home. Which made the meal at Joe’s Beerhouse last night all the more special. Not only did they not have to cook or wash up, which they need to keep doing when they get home, but they also got pudding. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves and loved getting back into an actual bed.

Hopefully this trip will have given them more confidence, increased their independence, sown the travelling seed and made them more empathetic to people from vastly different cultures. And having completed this expedition, they should remember all the things they’ve learnt from it and treasure the memories for ever.

One thought on “The last night at Joe’s Beerhouse

  1. How awesome are all of you?!

    Don’t forget Daisy – next stop Tanzania and Killmanjaro 🙂

    Love you lots, proud of you sweetheart x


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